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We are friends of Navdanya

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OSH( Organic Solutions to Hunger)

Supports small and marginal farmers in India - Core Activities SEED to TABLE - to end hunger and poverty

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SOH( Seeds of Hope)

Supports creation of Community Seed Banks and distribution of free seeds

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Supports the living democracy movement to fight against biopiracy and Intellectual Property rights monopolies on life forms

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GOH( Gardens of Hope)

Supports reconnecting children with earth, food and nutritious and safe agricultural products.

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DWD( Diverse Women for Diversity)

Empowers women’s groups – esp. widows of farmer suicides – provides training and one time inputs for self sufficiency.

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Our Mission

Bring awareness to the environmental crisis facing India, and its economic and social  impact on rural and farming communities

Promote and support solutions to rural hunger and poverty in India via sustainable organic farming and biodiversity conservation and to protect and preserve indigenous knowledge.

India has emerged as the capital of hunger.

Even while it is seen as an emerging economic superpower, India has the largest number of hungry people in the world; almost double that of Sub-Saharan Africa, and the largest number of malnourished children.

In India, one million children die every year of hunger and malnutrition.

Friends of Navdanya is committed to spreading the message that hunger, malnutrition, rural poverty have a common solution. This solution comprises low cost organic agricultural techniques that utilize ancestral knowledge conserved and tweaked over at least 2,000 years - perfectly suited to the diverse Indian climate and culture.  In the present system of debt creating agriculture, utilizing costly and harmful chemicals and patented seed  our farmers, the original producers of food, are hungry. They are locked into a cycle of expensive production with meager returns, being forced to sell produce that they require for their own consumption. Ironically our food producers are going to bed hungry and are facing under nutrition and indebtedness. There have been more than 200,000 farmer suicides since the 90’s due to indebtedness.

Friends of Navdanya is committed to reducing cost of agricultural inputs by supporting seed banks and by supporting farmer re -education and training  in low cost earth friendly,indigenous and ancestral methods of farming. Low cost organic agriculture allows farmers to feed their families and avoid indebtedness, poverty and hunger.

Friends of Navdanya is committed to empowering women, especially, widowed farmers to achieve self sufficiency and support their families.

Industrially produced junk food is worsening the malnutrition crisis across the globe: indigenous, organic agriculture, instead, promotes the conservation and diffusion of nutritious Forgotten Foods such as millets and amaranth varieties. These precious crops,  conserved by  our ancestors, are not only well suited to withstand all climatic, soil and water conditions but also carry high nutritional value.Our children need to be in touch with mother Earth and know the difference between junk food and 'real food' that has been perfected over centuries and passed down as food traditions.

Friends of Navdanya supports childrens education programs in schools.

Friends of Navdanya also supports research and advocacy work to provide the general public and policy and decision makers with up to date and scientific information on the food and nutrition crisis and the epidemic  of  Biopiracy that has been unleashed by the World Trade Organizations support of Intellectual Property Rights.

Freinds of Navdnaya supports Research on Glossary Link Biopiracy


Our Programs

Our Vision

Thriving self-sufficient, rural communities in India that are interconnected  and protected from bio-piracy - empowered in their trade and livelihoods